Sunday, July 18, 2010

TV Review: Being Human, Season 2

ABC2, Fridays 8.30pm *
Review by Carissa Thorp
I loved the first season of Being Human, so I was really looking forward to season two. It was definitely worth the wait. Never predictable, in spite of having so many tropes as integral parts of the story, Being Human continues to please and build anticipation in me like no other series has in a long time. The struggles of the ghost, Annie, the vampire, Mitchell, and the werewolf, George, to live as normal lives as possible are interesting and never trite, and all of the lead actors are great; not one of them lets the side down in believability or intensity. While this year's "Big Bad" threatens to be a bit of a cliche, though a perfectly plausible one, I'm not worried. I expect the story to play out in a most unexpected way. If you haven't seen the first series, catch it on DVD or on iTunes. Highly recommended.
* Stations and Times given are for Australian viewers