Thursday, July 29, 2010

Book Review: Jekel Loves Hyde by Beth Fantaskey

Review by Carissa Thorp
Jill Jekel's father has died, murdered, leaving her with the legacy of the circumstances of his mysterious death and a locked box, an heirloom tied to their family history and the classic novel, Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde. Tristan Hyde has his own family legacy, something dark and unwanted. Attending the same school, and not just by some strange coincidence, they join forces to explore their connected heritage and solve the mysteries of their lives, falling in love in the process and putting their lives, and that of others, in danger.
Jekel Loves Hyde is a clever book, well written and expertly handled, but perhaps with too tight a grip on the premise. For me, it never really breaks free from the idea and becomes something touching. Rather, it seems a bit detached, too controlled, and it's characters with it. These certainly aren't normal kids, not with their family histories and tragedies, but the story could have done with more relatable heroes. Nevertheless, it's a good read and a worthy addition to the ever popular "classics-revisited" sub-genre.

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