Aurealis Magazine

Aurealis is Australia’s most successful SF/fantasy magazine. Our aim when we released our first issue in September 1990 was to produce something which had never been produced before in Australia: a professional mass market SF/fantasy magazine. We’ve been doing that ever since. Before Aurealis there were hundreds of thousands of avid SF/fantasy readers in Australia, but the amount of Australian SF they were reading was miniscule. Now most of the major publishers in Australia have a local SF/fantasy list. Aurealis has provided a steady, reliable market for established writers, has launched dozens of new writers who are now becoming established, and in 1995 instituted the Aurealis Awards for Excellence in Australian Speculative Fiction.

While our emphasis has been to increase the profile of Australian SF, we have always recognised the global nature of SF. Aurealis Online will take this recognition further, and with this website we hope to bring Australian science fiction and fantasy into the global SF community.

Aurealis is available through Barnes and Noble and specialist bookstores in the USA, Cold Drake Books in Canada, BBR in the UK, and through direct subscription worldwide.

We are open to unsolicited submissions or email. Please read our Submission Guidelines plus some back issues before you submit your work.

Aurealis is published by Chimaera Publications.