Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Big announcement: Aurealis is relaunching as a monthly e-magazine.

Dirk Strasser says, “For over 20 years Aurealis has been trapped inside the physical world of hard copy. Up until issue #44, the magazine has been confined by paper pages and the three dimensions of the book format. Now we've escaped. And there's no going back.”

"Aurealis is the Australian magazine of fantasy, science fiction and horror. It has been publishing continuously since 1990, but this issue is its first e-publication. Aurealis #45 features the return of the legendary bunyipslayer in a brilliant story by Lachlan Huddy, a harrowing fairy tale from Aimee Smith, and an interview with Glenda Larke, as well as reviews, news and more."

Click on the magazine cover above to download Aurealis #45 for FREE.

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