Books - Classic Australian SF

Classic Australian SF 1: The Crowned SkullClassic Australian SF 1: The Crowned Skull
by Fergus Hume (with an introduction by Sophie Masson)

The governess shuddered. 'A horrible thing,' she said in a faltering voice. 'Quite like a nightmare. It was coloured scarlet, and round the forehead to the back was a broad band of silver, like a crown.'

Classic Australian SF 2: The Shrieking PitClassic Australian SF 2: The Shrieking Pit
by Arthur J Rees (with an Introduction by Sean Williams)

The track of the footprints to the pit in which the body had been flung still showed distinctly in the clay, and the splash of blood gleamed dully on the edge of the hole. On the other side of the pit the trees of the wood stood in stunted outline against a lowering black sky.

Classic Australian SF 3: Vandals of the VoidClassic Australian SF 3: Vandals of the Void
by James Morgan Walsh (with an Introduction by Sean McMullen)

The huge ship stretched out like an overfilled balloon and burst into a myriad fragments that whirled and glowed, that faded and passed at last in flickering extinction out into the uncharted depths of space.

Classic Australian SF 4:  A Bid for FortuneClassic Australian SF 4: A Bid for Fortune
by Guy Boothby (with an Introduction by Ian Irvine)

'You are mine body and soul,' said Nikola. 'I know you are trustworthy. I have had good proof that you are - pardon the expression - unscrupulous, and I flatter myself you are silent.'

Classic Australian SF 5: A Week in the FutureClassic Australian SF 5: A Week in the Future
by Catherine Helen Spence (with an Introduction by Lucy Sussex)

'I would give the year or two of life you promise me for one week in the future. A solid week I mean. Not a glance like a momentary vision, but...several days and night to live with the generations who are to come, to see all their doings, and breathe in their atmosphere, so as to imbibe their real spirit.'

Classic Australian SF 6: Out of the SilenceClassic Australian SF 6: Out of the Silence
by Erle Cox (with an Introduction by Van Ikin)

Then again came a little space of silence. Then the stillness was broken by a sound so awful that Dundas felt a cold sweat break out over his body. It was a shriek, inhuman and evil, that cut into the darkness again and again.

Classic Australian SF: The Complete SetClassic Australian SF: The Complete Set
by Various Authors

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